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Standard Terms and Conditions

  • If it is found that it is not possible to carry out any services ordered, whether for practical or legal reasons, GLM will refund your money (for that service) and use its best endeavours to resolve the problem. GLM will first try for six months to resolve the problem before refunding. If the problem is resolved after you have been refunded, you will be offered the service for half the cost of that season/year.
  • Where there is obstruction of the entrance or any of the rights of ways on the site, GLM will seek payment from the owner of the right of way (unless that owner has paid for the service). It is a legal requirement for the owner of a right of way to ensure that the right of way is always passable and that the surface is in reasonable condition.
  • Your personal and legal obligations as a landowner are not affected by any of GLM’s services. GLM acts as a contractor or agent in all works or representations to third parties.
  • GLM will not give advice on individual cases and does not offer any service beyond those offered. Services may alter or be added to from time to time.
  • GLM makes the assumption that the registered application is the owner of the plot(s) identified on registration. Details of Land Registry Title Number(s) may be required. The owner is responsible for informing GLM of any change of ownership and will be liable for any claims made by the new owner, in the event that the registered applicant fails to inform. The plotowner gives GLM the right to maintain the Rights of Way to the plot as well as maintenance of the plot itself.


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Standard Terms and Conditions

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